Writing Clips

As a full-time freelance writer and editor, I’ve published hundreds of articles. Many of them can be viewed in my online portfolio at contently.com.

For a quick look, here are links to a few of my recent favorites:


Fitness magazine: Buddy Up: How to Train with a Fitness Partner

Family Circle: The #1 Way to Feel, Eat, and Sleep Better in 2014


Details: The Details Guide to Having More Energy

Family Circle: 35 Ways to Be Healthier This Year

Discover Magazine: Finger Length Predicts Health and Behavior

Women’s Health: Cardio Workouts for Women

Delta Sky: New Year, Brand New You

Fitbie.com: Knock Out Resolution Roadblocks

Fitbie.com: 10 Fitness Escapes that Won’t Break the Bank


Whole Living: Fascia Statement

Prevention: Lose Weight, No Sweat

Martha Stewart Living: Log on to Lose

Huffington Post: Can You Build a Fitness Habit in 21 Days?

Parade: Make One Healthy Move a Day

Reader’s Digest: How Reading Makes You Happy

Womenshealthmag.com: Why Beer May Be Better Than Your Sports Drink

Fitbie.com: 6 Dangerous Exercises You Should Never Do

Oprah.com: 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life By Next Week

Huffington Post: New Year’s Resolutions: Start Small, Dream Big


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