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More 2012 Highlights

Well, getting the rest of 2012 down on paper hasn’t happened all that quickly so here’s the short list of highlights: I got to hang out with Patrick Dempsey on a bike (along with my friend, cycling superstar Rebecca Rusch, … Continue reading

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The Past Six Months… Starting with my garden

So much to say. These last several months have been really great. I feel settled in Portland and have vowed to travel less in 2013. I’ve nursed an injury to my “good” knee and fully recovered. I started teaching barre3, a … Continue reading

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Birthday News

Hello! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do but I’ll start with two Fridays ago, May 11, which was my birthday! I turned 33 which is an auspicious number in my opinion. I actually tell myself that each … Continue reading

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New Winter Fave: Snowshoeing

Two very important things happened to me this winter in terms of snow sports: First, I decided that it was okay to finally admit that I don’t like downhill sports. I’ve been skiing and snowboarding more than 20 times, and … Continue reading

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21 Days to a Fitness Habit?

I recently enrolled in a 25 day fitness challenge at a local fitness studio called barre 3. The goal: to attend 20+ classes in just 25 days. This sounded like a terrific way to get my fitness back on track … Continue reading

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Vision Boards for the Future

So I finally wrote out my goals for 2012. But before we get to that, here’s a look at a vision board I made for myself a few years ago. The goals are along the right side. Ironically, write a … Continue reading

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2011 Successes

I’m mentally preparing myself to write resolutions for 2012. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about this–I have a general idea of what I want out of this year–but I feel like I need some distraction-free down time (read: … Continue reading

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