Women’s Health magazine: Rapid Results Workout

As a writer who’s also curious about the body, I’m lucky to be assigned articles on health and fitness that often require contact with experts in the field. A recent article I wrote for Women’s Health magazine needed just this: In order to find the most time-efficient workouts out there I pored over studies and research then contacted the professors and trainers making headway in this field. The result was an article in the April issue of Women’s Health, called “The Body You Want in the Time You Have.”

Full disclosure: I always try the workouts I write about, and sometimes I’ll even stick with one for a few trips to the gym, or even weeks. But these workouts in this article are so simple–and effective–I’m still doing them months after initially writing about them. By working hard for 20 minutes a day a few days a week the scale has started to budge and I’m (finally!) back in my skinny jeans. After the 8-minute workout in the piece my thighs were so hammered I had a hard time walking down stairs for 3 days! So, these moves and cardio routines are effective. Here’s a sneak peek of one of my favorite workouts from the piece, the 20-minute cardio interval routine. If you try it out, let me know what you think!

wh workout

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