More 2012 Highlights

Well, getting the rest of 2012 down on paper hasn’t happened all that quickly so here’s the short list of highlights: I got to hang out with Patrick Dempsey on a bike (along with my friend, cycling superstar Rebecca Rusch, and athletes Tom Danielson and Levi Leipheimer) at Levi’s Gran Fondo, a timed road race on the coast of Northern California.


I got to meet lots of superstar athletes at the ESPN Women in Sports summit, including Gabby Reece and Al Raisman.


I went on another 4-day float trip down the Rogue River here in Southern Oregon. (Mostly in a raft though this was a short paddle board portion.)


I became certified to teach barre3, a workout based here in Portland, OR that combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates.


I biked the Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride with my friends Lindsey and Eddy (and dropped out of the full week ride when I realized bike rides to the grocery store wouldn’t prep me for 500-miles of riding).


And I traveled a lot: To Wyoming to see friends and family; to New York for my friend Alyssa’s wedding; to California (3 times) for various birthdays and vacations including a short climbing trip to Joshua Tree. DSCN3379

So, lots of fun and adventure in 2012. May 2013 hold more of the same!

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